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InDO: Inclusive Design Objectives

The InDO project aims to make inclusive frameworks such as Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction more accessible to higher education teachers and trainers.

Through four main resources - an online course, a compendium of template activities, an app listing digital resources, and a policy recommendation document - we aim to empower educators to put technological solutions at the service of pedagogy and to enhance their teaching performance, thus optimising the relevance and effectiveness for educators across Europe.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn
Benjamin Franklin

The world is changing fast and it is vital that education keeps pace.

At a time when innovation is most needed, the world of education is lagging behind: only 38% of new entrants to the education sector believe that their school/college is good at adopting innovation, new knowledge or methods (Innovating Education and Educating for Innovation, OECD, 2016).

InDO will support educators to meet this challenge, helping them to transform their teaching methods and bring learning to life through innovative and inclusive learning spaces. According to the Digital Education Action Plan (2021 - 2027), fostering the development of a high-performing digital education ecosystem and improving digital skills and competences, or digital transformation, are the European Commission's strategic priorities.

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Project Activities

Result 01

“Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms”

The Online Curriculum introduces educators to Differentiated Instruction and will help lay the groundwork for future resources. The technical adaptation will be important to create an engaging, effective online learning experience.

It will be a comprehensive, user-friendly curriculum that allows educators from across Europe to access free, online learning on blended UbD and DI.

Result 02

“Pedagogies for Innovative and Inclusive Classrooms”

The Compendium of experiential laboratory for “Pedagogies for Innovative Classrooms” requires careful, European-wide research leading to a practical resource to guide educators to find the pedagogic strategies most suitable for their work.

The compendium will be published in a digital format and, It will challenge educators to broaden and deepen their understanding of what is possible in terms of innovation and creativity to address the teaching of new skills to diverse groups of individuals.

Result 03

“InDo app for the 21st Century Classroom”

The InDO App will empower educators to know and adopt the Education 4.0 agenda for forward-thinking education that harnesses digital technology as a means to enable all students, from all backgrounds, to learn in the best way possible.

Result 04

“Policy Recommendation Report”

The final deliverable of the project is aimed at setting the basis for the integration of the blended UbD and DI into the current curricula, by providing guidelines for the adoption of approaches, tools and processes developed in the project lifetime so far. The Policy recommendation Report will therefore be a guidance document on how to use the project results.

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