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Education thrives on diversity and inclusion. This was the resounding message at the recent international event ‘’Differentiation in Education’’ held on Wednesday 18 October at NHL Stenden University. The event, organised by NHL Stenden and Learning Hub Friesland, brought together participants from higher education institutions, VET organisations and international guests. 

The day began with a guided tour of NHL Stenden, showcasing its innovative facilities like co-working spaces and innovation labs. This immersive experience set the stage for the day’s discussions, emphasizing the importance of physical and sensory engagement in learning. 

Participants gathered for the start of the event
Start of the event at NHL Stenden

The event featured two rounds of workshops, focusing on various aspects of educational differentiation. These sessions were spearheaded by experts from higher education, VET education and international guests. They shared insights and practices from the InDo project, receiving enthusiastic responses from the participants. 

People in a workshop room
One of the workshops, led by InDO partner Manuel Oliveira from the University of Aveiro

The differentiation in education event at NHL Stenden was a beacon of inspiration in the journey towards more inclusive and diverse educational practices. It underscored the importance of understanding and addressing the multifaceted needs of learners in a globalized educational environment.  Overall, the event was a great success. Both participants and workshop leaders had an enjoyable and enriching experience, highlighting the event’s effectiveness in bringing together a community committed to enhancing educational diversity and inclusivity. 

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