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In the serene settings of Leitrim, Ireland, the second partner meeting of the INDO project took place, on the 16th and 17th of November. The two-day meeting was a focal point for discussions on the project developments and future strategies. 

The first day started with a warm welcome to the attendees, followed by the session led by UNIMIB. This was dedicated to the progress of result number 1, the ‘’Understanding by design and differentiated instruction for inclusive classrooms’’ course. Discussions covered the design and development of an online curriculum in various project languages, user testing and the publication of the curriculum. 

After the coffee break, the team from AVEIRO took the lead to discuss the R2 development update on the Compendium of Pedagogies and the R1 questionnaire data. The primary focus was on assembling content, protocols for engaging with experienced teachers to collect use cases, and timelines.

The second day began with the same enthusiastic spirit, starting with a session led by EUEI delving deeper into R2. This session focused particularly on the design and layout of the compendium. Discussions revolved around best practices in publication, protocols for champion engagement, timelines and tools. 

Following a brief coffee break, attention shifted to R3 plans - to develop the InDO app that will feature digital tools for teachers, jointly led by EUEI and MMS. The session outlined technical requirements, content and structure development, and included a presentation of a similar web app for review and brainstorming. 

The meeting concluded with a lunch together at the Leitrim Inn & Blueway Lodge, marking the end of two days filled with productive discussions, collaborative planning, and a unified vision for the future of the project!

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